Dog Boarding at Hammertown Kennels

You can feel at ease bringing your dog for his or her vacation at Hammertown Kennels.

We have a clean, safe, climate controlled facility with indoor kennels and heated floors. Your dog will have his or her own  space, elevated bed, and access to a view of the outdoors. 

We offer dog owners the ability to provide their own food during dog boarding, so your pet can eat what they’re used to eating. This prevents stomach and digestive upset that may sometimes accommodate changing brands. Since we don’t carry all brands on grounds, simply let us know if you’ll have any food requirements, should you have an emergency drop-off situation. We will be sure to get your dog the proper food, and adjust your bill accordingly.

If your pet needs special medications or care, please let us know. We monitor all dogs closely, and provide walks and playtime for Hammertown dog boarding Premium stays.

Additional Services 

  • Doggie Daycare
  • Standard Boarding
  • Premium Walk & Play
  • Boarding/Training
  • Bath & Brush
  • Bird Dog Training (At this time, we only offer dog training for bird dogs.)

For Bird Dog Training, contact John Boyles directly at 845-206-8342 or Email John

*Please note: A copy of Bordetella (also known as “kennel cough”) vaccination records are required upon arrival for all pets. Unfortunately, for the safety of all of our guests, we can not make exceptions. 

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